Application - Linear Actuators


Linear Actuator schematic

Full range of models, motor power up to 300 W

Brushless motor with built-in drive board solutions

Shaft and housing could be customized

  • High torque
  • High power density
  • Comprehensive model selection
  • Stable quality
  • Low noise

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Comprehensive model selection

In the field of high-end actuator, many customers will replace the power source of the traditional actuator from carbon brush motor to a brushless motor. The main reason is that the brushless motor has the advantages of high power density, long life, low noise and smooth operation.

In terms of the choice of brushless motors, we offer a wide range of products with different frame size from 16 mm to 80 mm and output power up to 300 W. Some models can meet your water resistance or anti-dust demand.

Highly customized solution

Customized winding and production for customer needs. The brushless motor is divided into an external driver and a built-in driver board. The built-in driver board provides the user more convenient control method. With PWM, FG and electronic brake system, the motor can control easily and help you to achieve high torque and high precision, high efficiency actuator products.

For accessories, the stepping motor can be equipped with gear, pulley, encoder, harness, lead wires and connector.

Stable quality

MOONS has numerous patents for stepper motors, its products are certified by UL, RoHS, CE, TUV, CCC, etc. The production line follows the ISO14001 environmental management system. It strictly controls various environmental factors to effectively protect the environment from pollution.


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