Application - Inflatable Beds


Inflatable bed schematic

Faster inflation, effectively reducing waiting time

Low noise value

Stable, reliable and long life

  • Fast aerated
  • Low noise
  • Long life
  • Stable and reliable
  • Available for AC 110 / 220 voltage

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Fast inflation, reducing waiting time

The selected pump is a large-flow model, which can be quickly inflated, especially for the application of inflatable beds for vehicles and camping. It can be completed in a short time and has outstanding efficiency, which will become the biggest advantage of your products entering the market.

Stable, reliable and long life

With a new generation of structural design, the pump is smooth when it is actuated, effectively reducing vibration and heat, reducing the noise value during operation and further extending the service life of the product.

Can be applied to medical air bed

The selected pump has the advantages of long life, low noise and high stability. It can be directly applied to medical air bed with strict requirements. Even for general air bed applications, it can increase brand visibility and competitiveness.


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