Bühler Motor - Brush DC Motors

Feature Highlights

  • Cost-effective, reliable drive solutions with a wide variety of frame sizes ranging from 22.8 to 51.6 mm
  • DC motors with carbon brushes, 2-pole permanent magnets, a commutator with 3 copper segments, 2 sintered bronze bearings, and a corrosion-protected steel housing
  • Gear motors and encoders are available as model-specific options
  • Ideal for use in printers, miniature transmission systems, CD players, motorized doors, etc.
  • In-house prototyping, simulation, and test labs ensure a quick and flexible response to the market for your custom project
  • Model
  • Frame Size
  • Length
  • Voltage
  • Output Power
  • Rated Speed
  • Rated Torque
  • Download
  • Model Notes

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