Application - Fuel Cells


Fuel cell stack

Compact, reliable, lightweight design

Celeroton compressors will change the fuel cell ecosystem

Use air bearing Gas Bearing

  • High efficiency
  • Lightweight design
  • Be quiet
  • Compact and small
  • No fuel
  • Low vibration

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Excellent performance / volume ratio

In the mobile vehicle and aerospace field, the volume and weight of the fuel cell must be comparable. Compared with the traditional vortex compressor and the positive displacement compressor, Celeroton’s high-speed compressor has the same technical characteristics. The volume and weight are only 1/50 of that of conventional compressors.

Zero pollution of the medium

With “Sensorless” control technology, the Celeroton system dynamically controls pressure and flow. The product uses air bearings, which are continuously operated and oil-free, ensuring that the incoming gas is not contaminated; this is very important for the fuel cell industry and because of these advantages. These products are widely used in in-vehicle systems such as stackers and passenger cars.

Schematic diagram of Celeroton products for fuel cells

Save cost and weight

Celeroton CC-120-1000 The driver can first be activated via the auxiliary power supply. When the fuel cell stack reaches the operating point, the CC-120-1000 can be powered by the output voltage of the fuel cell stack. This design feature allows the product to save extra space. The DC/DC drive reduces cost and weight and makes your product more competitive.


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