Application - Autoclaves


Sterilization pot schematic

100% oil-free design

Various voltage levels from 12 VDC to 230 VAC

Special diaphragm material, temperature- resistant material (140 'C)

  • Autoclave
  • Water vapor resistance
  • Stable flow rate
  • Various voltage levels
  • Easy to install

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Special diaphragm design

Autoclaving is the most effective and reliable means of sterilizing medical materials.And the medical-use water vapor is probably the most common operate at 120~140 degree.That is why the diaphragm pump seems selecting specific materials,high temperature resistance,stable flow rate so important.These elements enhanced fungicidal efficiency of the autoclave.

Various voltage levels

Voltages and flow rate of autoclaves depends on it size.Reliable and stable power input for your autoclaves with SYMTEK! We offer a comprehensive selection of high efficiency voltages supply.All of our KNF’s pumps are designed for industrial safety applications, which have longer life times, enhanced components and are able to work under wide temperature ranges.

Wide applications

Pumps displayed below can be applied to autoclaves,vacuum machine,pharmaceutical manufacturing,analytical instruments and


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