Application - Factory Automation


Factory automation schematic

Comprehensive motor catagory, highly customized

Gearhead, magnetic and optical encoder could be chosen

Stepper motor : frame from NEMA 8 - NEMA 42

  • High precision
  • High efficiency
  • High torque
  • Easy to control
  • Low noise

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Variety of motor types, one-stop motor supplier

With the rise of Industry 4.0, many repetitive operations rely on automation equipment. The output torque, speed and signal feedback are very different in each applications. Symtek provide comprehensive types of DC motors.contain:

  1. Stepper motor
  2. Brush motor
  3. Brushless motor

Motor could be matched with gear Head, magnetic ring and optical encoder. We provide one-stop motor consult and service.

Highly customized solution

Stepper motor

Customized winding and design can meet customer needs. Stepper motors can also be combined with high-quality screws and nuts to change the rotary motion into linear motion, providing high-torque, high-precision, high-efficiency linear motion products.

The two-phase step angle is 0.9 degree and 1.8 degree, the three-phase step angle is 1.2 degree. Optimized compact design for stepper motor with the advantage of lower temperature rise, longer life and greater output torque.

Accessories: Stepper motor can be installed with vibration absorber(Damper), gear(Pulley), encoder, harness(Lead Wires) and Connector.

Brushless motor

The brushless motor is divided into an external driver and a built-in driver solution. The built-in driver solution provides customers more convenient control methods, with PWM, FG and electronic brake systems. We provide comprehensive brushless motor, the outer diameter is from 16 mm to 80 mm, power is up to 300 watts which can be used for various types of applications and environments.

Stable quality

MOONS has numerous patents for stepper motors, its products are certified by UL, RoHS, CE, TUV, CCC, etc. The production line follows the ISO14001 environmental management system. It strictly controls various environmental factors to effectively protect the environment from pollution.


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