Application - Powered Plastic Surgery Devices


Powered Plastic Surgery Devices' schematic diagram

Compact, miniature and lightweight design

High torque, high speed

Can be used for 1,000+ times autoclave sterilization

  • Miniaturization
  • Lightweight
  • High speed
  • High torque
  • Precise control
  • Lower motor rotation temperature rise

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Application challenge

Medical hand tools must be characterized by excellent operation, outstanding efficiency and ergonomics. Portescap offers a wide range of miniature motors for a wide range of applications, providing surgeons with the power and control they need to perform their exact surgery.

Portescap’s compact design provides the best power and speed with the smallest space and the lightest components. In addition, accessories such as Portescap encoders and Hall sensors provide further torque and speed control for surgical applications. It can withstand more than a thousand autoclave cycles to help you create energy-saving, lightweight, and excellent surgical instruments.

Motor advantage

  1. Precise control for smooth and reliable motor operation
  2. Lightweight, miniaturized, ergonomic and surgical sight, easy to operate and stretch
  3. High torque and high speed to help doctors complete surgery with high efficiency
  4. High quality design and material to effectively reduce motor temperature rise and significantly improve comfort
  5. Can withstand more than one thousand autoclave cycles, allowing customers to reduce maintenance costs
  6. Optional hollow shaft motor and motor gear set for ergonomically pumping and expelling tissue through surgical instruments

Customizable options available

  1. Optional precision encoder and Hall sensor for improved actuation accuracy
  2. Custom-made electromagnetic coils for precise equipment torque and speed requirements
  3. Customizable output shaft and housing interface configurations
  4. Customizable mechanical design for improved reliability

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