Application - Surgical Robots


Surgical Robots schematic diagram

The product model is complete and can meet various motor requirements

Provide a comprehensive solution

Can be sterilized by 1,000+ times of autoclaving

  • Complete motor range
  • Complete motor model
  • Customizable mechanical interface
  • Customizable solenoid
  • Comprehensive motion solution
  • Corresponding to a high degree of customization

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Application challenge

As robotics is increasingly used in a variety of surgeries, the types of motors required for robotic devices are increasing, and they are more diverse. Portescap’s comprehensive motor technology and extensive experience in the medical field make it a professional supplier of any development and application requirements for robotic equipment.

The Portescap high-torque DC motor with Hall sensor/stepping technology provides the precise positioning required for complex motion control of the robot. In addition, the Portescap high temperature sterilization DC motor series features high speed, high torque, high precision, and reusability to meet the needs of any endoscope, arthroscope or orthopedic tool.

Motor advantage

  1. Customizable mechanical interface for seamless integration of motors into the final machine equipment
  2. The product line is comprehensive, and customers can meet the needs of various robots through a single supplier.
  3. Customizable solenoid design designed to precisely deliver the required motor torque and speed
  4. All-round motion solution for high speed, high torque, feedback and precise position control
  5. A sterilizable motor that withstands more than a thousand cycles of autoclaving, helping end users reduce costs

Customized solution

  1. Available in either autoclavable or non-autoclavable design options
  2. Encoder feedback accuracy with small integrated components, up to 512 square waves per revolution
  3. Customer customizable output shaft and interface configuration
  4. Customized solenoids to help meet the torque and speed requirements of equipment for precise applications

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