Symtek BLDC Motors with Integrated Electronics

Feature Highlights

  • Integrated motor drivers significantly reduce the overall costs
  • Models with PWM control, FG feedback, and/or electronic motor braking are available
  • Models with ball bearings are also available for applications requiring a longer service life
  • Well-suited for use in pumps, medical devices, mixers, actuators, centrifuges, electric fans, motorized curtains, and more
  • Customization options include voltages, rated speeds, and rated torques
  • For motors with external electronics with hall sensors and U-V-W three-phase windings, please contact us
  • Model
  • Phase
  • Frame Size
  • Length
  • Voltage
  • Output Power
  • Rated Speed
  • Rated Torque
  • PWM Control
  • FG Feedback
  • Download
  • Model Notes

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