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Medical testing equipment

One-stop solution for pumps, motors and fans

Linear motion lead screws

Stepper motor frame size from 8 to 42

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Integrated stepper motor, screw and slider

Best solution for micro linear motion. Due to long lifetime, high efficiency, and diverse screws, frame size and different motor type. Moon’s motors were widely used in medical equipment, factory automation and laboratory fields.

Diversity of pumps means variety of applications

Strict requirement might apply to medical pump.As an agency,Symtek proxy KNF,TOPSFLO and MAISI brands,these brands all provide either long lifetime or low noise benefit to service our customer. Ours best competitive advantage is customized customer unique demand.

Stepper motor meets accuracy requirements

Customized production is available in many details.
Here are some examples:
1. Winding
2. Combining screw and nut
3. Changing rotation mode to linear mode
4. Step angle with 2 phase 0.9° and 1.8°
5. Step angle with 3 phase 1.2°
6. Installing damper,pulley,encoder,lead wires and connector.


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