Application - Aviation



Motor with high power density, lightweight preferred

Low noise design

Ball bearings for long life

  • High power density
  • Long life
  • Smooth running
  • Lightweight motor

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The core of the electric seat

The application of the electric seat, the comfort experience of the passenger, including the electric pedal, the thigh trailer, the seat cushion, the tilt angle of the seat back, etc., are all factors that must be evaluated again during the design, and must be adjusted to the most appropriate at the same time.

Portescap brushed DC coreless motors offer the advantages of light weight, small size and high torque, gearboxes and encoders could be chosen; combined with the high level of craftsmanship in Switzerland and the United States, your products will perform exceptionally from the start.

In addition to being widely used in aerospace technology, it can also be used in passenger electric sunshades, monitoring systems, and various valve drives.

Why Using Coreless Motor in Aerospace Technology?

The coreless motor mainly has the following characteristics, making it ideal for aerospace fields with strict requirements on weight, volume and energy consumption:

  1. High efficiency motor to effectively reduce battery consumption
  2. Lightweight to help reduce aircraft fuel consumption
  3. Able to withstand harsh environments
  4. Low noise to help maintain a high quality ride experience
  5. Low starting torque for quick start and stop

Customized solution

  1. Use ball bearings to extend product life
  2. Install gearhead to increases output torque
  3. Encoder feedback signal can be installed

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