Application - Industrial Power Tools


Industrial electric wrench schematic

Portescap Ultra EC series with high torque density and lightweight

High efficiency motor design dramatically increases battery life

Low vibration, high loading conditions and temperature limits

  • Higher peak torque
  • Low energy consumption
  • Compact design
  • Low temperature rise

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Hand tool industry challenge

Battery-powered tools have an operating profile quite different from other motor-driven applications. In the beginning, there’s little resistance as the bolt threads in. During this stage, a motor that operates at a faster free speed saves time and boosts productivity. Then, when the tool performs the more forceful work of tightening, cutting or gripping, the need for torque becomes paramount. A motor that delivers higher peak torque can perform a wider range of tough jobs without excessive heating.

Portescap offers a high-performance dynamic solution for this purpose. The new Ultra EC brushless motor is designed in Switzerland and can output high peak torque. It can withstand various environmental loads without overheating.

Major application:
1. Powered Screwdrivers
2. Nutrunners
3. Electric Grippers
4. Pruning Shears
5. Power Hand Tools
6. Nailers and Framing Systems

Motor advantage

  1. The Ultra EC Series offers high torque density for a lighter weight
  2. High efficiency motors increase battery life
  3. High speed reduces working time
  4. BLDC slotless design provides a durable and reliable source of power

Multiple customization scheme

  1. A variety of voltage and winding options, speed and torque can be adjusted according on demand
  2. Gear ratio
  3. Special rare materials for vibration, high load operation and temperature limits
  4. Motor shaft can be customized

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