Application - Surveillance Camera Systems


Surveillance Camera schematic

Lightweight to minimize fuel consumption

Highly efficient to minimize current draw

Wide step angle solution: 0.9, 1.2 and 1.8 degrees

  • Smooth running
  • Long life
  • High power density
  • Low inertia design

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Motor is the core of the monitoring system

In aerospace targeting applications, motion solutions must be both highly efficient and capable of withstanding harsh environments. Portescap’s coreless brush DC motors are designed to survive severe conditions while providing high efficiency in a lightweight package. These features make our wide range of brush DC solutions ideal for high speed azimuth and elevation tracking in aerospace monitoring systems.

We recommend Portescap’s brushed DC motors and Moons’ stepper motors, which are ideally suited to meet the stringent requirements of monitoring and security applications.

Customization options

1. Ball bearings for longer life
2. Gearheads to increase power
3. Encoders for position feedback
4. Lead wires and connectors


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