Application - Infusion Systems


Insulin pump schematic

Micro motor (from 8mm outer diameter)

High efficiency and low energy consumption

Low noise design

  • High efficiency
  • Low noise
  • Complete specification
  • Low starting current
  • Different bearing types

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Motors are equivalent to the heart of medical infusion system

In the medical field, infusion systems are widely used in automatic injectors, insulin injection pumps and infusion devices.

Through the modern trend of infusion systems, it is clear that automation, precision, and persistence have become mainstream developments.And that’s why superior motor performance and customizable services are so important nowadays.

Excellent motor performance

1. Portescap’s miniature motor series reduce size and weight while increasing efficiency and reliability.
2. High resolution encoder can provide repeatedly excellent infusion operations.
3. Gearing can reduce noise and make patients feel comfortable.
4. Commutator applies precious metal system to extend service life and reduce maintenance cost.

Customized solution

1. Connector and gear motor are available.
2. Ball bearing is available.
3. Shaft design and outgoing type are available.
4. Different gear types to reduce noise.


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