Application - Powered Orthopedic Saws


Powered Orthopedic Saws' schematic diagram

Lightweight, miniaturized compact structure

High torque and high speed for various applications

Can be sterilized by autoclaving more than 1,000 times

  • Miniaturization
  • Lightweight
  • High torque
  • High speed
  • High efficiency
  • Can be used for 1,000+ times autoclave sterilization

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Application challenge

Plastic surgery saws must have high-torque, high-efficiency, lightweight and other professional features, in order to assist first-line medical personnel to cope with the surgical scene of every second. The Portescap DC brushless slotted series of motors is designed to precisely meet the needs of high power surgical bone saws.

The electromagnetic coil design of the Portescap DC brushless slotted motor provides extremely high peak torque, greatly reducing the size of the bone drilling equipment, allowing the surgeon to manipulate it in a delicate manner and being handy to use; and ensuring a deep penetration of the bone.

In addition, this series of motors has excellent efficiency, can maximize battery life, can withstand more than one thousand autoclave cycles, and long life benefits, helping you to reduce end-user use and maintenance costs.

Motor advantage

  1. Customizable voltage settings for a wide range of battery technologies available on the market
  2. Outstanding high torque to power the most difficult surgery
  3. High speed, sawing, drilling to reaming, etc.
  4. Provide high efficiency, reduce battery capacity and extend usage time
  5. Can withstand more than one thousand autoclave sterilization, with sufficient reliability, prolong instrument life and reduce maintenance costs
  6. Customizable output shaft and housing interface configuration

Customized solution

  1. Tapered gears provide motor mounting flexibility, improved ergonomics and design options
  2. Hollow shaft design for line drive
  3. Customized shaft and housing seals for improved reliability
  4. Customized solenoids to assist with precise equipment torque and speed requirements
  5. Available in either version with or without autoclavable design depending on your application needs

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