Celeroton Compressors with Ball Bearings

Feature Highlights

  • Lowest ratio of volume and weight vs. pressure and mass flow compared with rival products
  • Optimized electromagnetic and aerodynamic performances for highest efficiency
  • High-speed ball bearings with permanent lubrication
  • Integrated overload protection
  • Can be customized for a specific fluid type, pressure ratio, mass flow and/or other requirements
  • Model
  • Rated Power (with Cooling)
  • Rated Speed (with Cooling)
  • Pressure Ratio
  • Mass Flow
  • Isentropic Overall Efficiency
  • Weight
  • Bearing Type
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  • Model Notes

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Performance Comparison

celeroton compressor perf graph
Performance Comparison Among Celeroton Turbo Compressors / Click the Image to Enlarge It

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