Application - Powered Surgical Screwdrivers


Powered Surgical Screwdrivers' schematic diagram

High efficiency, power saving, and can correspond to smaller battery packages

High speed, shorten screw installation time

Low inertia rotor for flexible lifting speed and stopping

  • High speed
  • Fast response speed
  • High efficiency
  • Long life
  • High torque to fix large screws
  • Miniaturization

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Application challenge

n orthopedic or orthopedic surgery, the protection of the implant and the internal fixation of the wire mesh usually require screwing. If a manual screwdriver is used, not only is the surgeon susceptible to fatigue, but it also consumes a lot of valuable surgical time.

Portescap’s DC brushless slotted motor, from design, material selection to manufacturing, has the ability to define industry benchmarks and can withstand the need for frequent sterilization of surgical instruments. It is based on “electric surgical equipment that requires long-term repeated application”. Products designed from the starting point.

The size and parameters of the high temperature sterilization motor can meet the working point of the conventional electric screwdriver; it can still maintain excellent performance under frequent use or small battery capacity.

The motor itself can be customized to meet the specific design you need, including an integrated electronic system. At the same time, Portescap offers cost-effective, high performance 16mm, 17mm, 22mm and 24mm brushed DC motors for single or limited use of electrosurgical screwdrivers, ensuring high performance while reducing maintenance cost.

Motor advantage

  1. Exquisite high speed, can quickly install screws, shorten the operation time, and make it possible to “drill the positioning holes with the same device”
  2. Provides high efficiency, high performance and long life, and can be used in smaller battery packages
  3. Ultra-high torque in the smallest size, making the product more ergonomic and capable of outputting more power and fixing large screws
  4. Low inertia rotor for quick adjustment of speed or emergency stop for enhanced torque limit control

Customized solution

  1. Connector replaces wires and cables
  2. The organization can be modified to suit various tools and equipment
  3. Milling groove and hollow shaft custom
  4. Customized gear ratio and coil to meet various working points
  5. Hall sensor or encoder for highly accurate speed control

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