Application - Blood Pressure Machines


Blood Pressure Machines

Short inflation time, shorten blood pressure measurement time

Good air tightness, increase measurement accuracy

Widely used in Taiwan and China manufacturers of blood pressure machines

  • Stable flow
  • Rapid inflation
  • Low current consumption
  • Stable and reliable quality
  • carbon brush motor is used
  • Competitive price

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Quick inflation for shorter measurement time

Customized with a carbon brush motor

The carbon brush motor is further used to adjust the motor characteristics specifically for the design requirements of the blood pressure machine; the superior characteristics such as low power consumption, high torque and long life are reflected in the product once.

Meet the needs of blood pressure machine manufacturers for related components such as pumps and bleed valves. And according to customer needs, change the length of the wire, connector specifications, for your customized products.

Approved for major blood pressure machine manufacturers

The pump and the venting valve are selected for their excellent characteristics and stable quality, and are well received by major blood pressure machine manufacturers. According to the needs of customers, we can also provide integrated processes, such as welding wire, sound-absorbing film, simple mechanism assembly, etc., to effectively shorten the production time of the product and strive to respond to the time required by the market.


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