Application - Barcode Printers


Barcode printer schematic

With torque enhancement technology

Full range of stepping motor, frame size from NEMA 8 - NEMA 42

Low heat loss design

  • Low temperature rise
  • High precision
  • Stable quality
  • Silent design

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Stable quality

As a key component of barcode printer, the stepping motor has the characteristics of high precision and easy control. It assists the barcode machine frequently rotate during the printing process and deliver the paper to the destination accurately.

MOONS has numerous number of patents for stepping motors, and its products are certified by UL, RoHS, CE, TUV, CCC, etc. The production line follows the ISO14001 environmental management system. It strictly controls various environmental factors to effectively protect the environment away from pollution. It is your best choice for barcode printer design.

Highly customized solution

Customized winding and design can be evaluated according to customer’s requirement. Stepping motors can also be combined with high-quality metal pulleys, plastic pulleys and gears.

The following accessories are available:

  1. shock absorber, damper
  2. gear, pulley
  3. encoder
  4. harness, lead Wires
  5. connector

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